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A replica close to the original - Nokia BH-503

A replica close to the original - Nokia BH-503

After short research on the bluetooth headset models I found a couple of brands that are really good choice and have quite impressive sound quality. I’ve always wanted to be not wired with many cables and climbs with buttons when walking, running or working so decided ti pick a wireless stereo solution with build in microphone.

Off course you always get to the really important factor - price. I found pretty good models from Sony DRBT21GB On Ear Stereo Bluetooth Headphones, Nokia BH-503 and Plantronics BackBeat 903 Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones (here will not talk about Jabo and models that have a couple of times bigger price).


I’ve tried Nokia BH-503 in a store and was really amazed. The sound was awesome and the product design fitted really nicely to the ears and head.  After some digging in the internet I found that there is a big price difference between this same model. Some dialers offering Nokia BH-503 from ~$100 (70-80 Euro here in Europe) and some in the Amazon and DialExtreme had prices from $25 - $35.


I hate to make decision only on the price, but this time I bought the cheapest version. I knew that I will get the Chinese replica of the original assessor and expected to be with very bad quality.
I was amazed how close to the original is headset Nokia BH-503!  Really!

The materials, the color, buttons and most important the SOUND! This is first time that I met a replica almost like the original. I know that the materials are different, I’m feeling that the weight of the headset is a little bit higher (they don’t work for jogging), the package and additional accessories. I’m not such a sound expert, but I very like the sound.

So if you decide to make such a choice - I think it;s worth it - it is 3-4 time price difference !
Before that my advice is to take a look of these really useful feedbacks with video and photos.

...oh and one more think - the sound of the build -in microphone is not quite good - I’m sure this is not like this in the original one - at least think that Nokia can’t do such compromise.

Here is some technical data:

Here is some pictures of my alternatives, which I’m still think they are better even that the original Nokia BH-503 and their prices are very close by the way.




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