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Another fancy Apple gadged

Another fancy Apple gadged

Just looking at the new Apple Magic Trackpad and wondering how many fancy gadgets Apple engineers will release this year….

Just like the Apple magic mouse , which I personally test it and have to say that is not worth it especially for professional work. It is not such ergonomic as a mouse have to be for 6-10 hours everyday working. Is has some really nice features, but still don’t think this is the mouse for professional users.


For mouse I personally picked MX™ 1100 Cordless Laser Mouse . Much more ergonomics and very comfortable grip and functions.


Anyway - enough with mouses lets get back on the track pads. I can’t imagine how can you be able to draw something with trackpad and what kind of software you have to use? I saw pretty nice and fast drawing technique using Apple iPad and you can watch it here, but how do I suppose to play with vectors lets say…



It is probably have some really good benefits for browsing or quick photo manipulation, but still it can’t fits to me like tool for everyday work.

At least one thing is sure - you’ll never get in problem with your wrist like usually happens after long using of different mouse devices…

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