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Real animal coming this August from Apple

Real animal coming this August from Apple

As we can see from Apple news - this summer we will have some interesting hardware products on the horizon. Some of them are already released, some will be very soon. One of them and I think this is the heavy artillery in the professional hardware is new Mac Pro.

As a current user of Mac Pro I really can’t hide my sympathy about their Operating system. I respect their professional solutions as well. As for the other fancy stuff for daily usage and entertainment they make no difference for me that any other company.

So at a glance I don’t see amy changes on the product design - Aluminum case like the previous generation with stylish look and easy access to every part. I really like the cooler system of these cases.

This time however the apple engineers really has done some impressive hardware improvements.

The graphic system is going to be really powerful. A standard equipment with ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB of GDDR - Wow!

Storage system - well here is interesting as they announced that the storages will be Solid State Drives. This is really new I personally to say I didn’t expect that way directions. I’ve always considered the Raptor technology for more faster, but obviously I was wrong about that. Anyway in normal work you always getting to the point of using virtual memory file no matter how many chips you put on the memory slots.

CPU - 4, 8, 12 cores Power - that will really rocks, but honestly nothing new here as they are still Xeon architecture - I just wondering why they not using new Intel i7 processors. Anyway everyone who already worked with Pro series know that this is enough power for doing a lot of things.

There is a lot of tweaks in memory access - direct accessing memory technology, which decreases the latency, which really good.

Overall I’ll be jealous for those guys, who purchased this machine because mine is still up and running smile. Especially if you combine this good deal with one of the new Apple Cinema Display. You have to wait ‘till September, but it is probably worth it as I can see a lot of build in gadgets and new advanced technologies.
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