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Welcome, welcome, welcome

Welcome, welcome, welcome

Hello everybody and welcome to my new website version and most important - my own blog .. finally. First let me do a brief explanation about what you can find here in the future.

First of all I’m extremely glad to be able to share with you my professional and personal stuff and will really appreciate to get feedback from you.

For those who doesn’t know - I’m a web designer and front-end developer, working closely with other specialists from internet marketing and development area to accomplish professional work.

My name is Vladimir Varbanov and I’m located in Sofia, Bulgaria. As you probably know my country is well known as good outsourcing destination, not only because of the geographical location, but also for the rich design and development communities here.

In my blog I’ll try to keep you informed about almost every aspect of creating an internet presence. Starting from inspiration, planning, communicating, designing, developing and promoting your website I’ll try to publish handy advises about how to make a better website.

There is a few categories on the right hand side, where I’ll try to cover some basics from my professional field - web design. My plans are to publish various tips & tricks for developing accessible websites not only on the technical level, but also on how to spot,  approach and collaborate with clients who very often don’t really know what they are looking for.

Freebies section will be updated with useful stuff for designers - vector and raster brushes, textures, vector illustrations, icons, actions - everything from my every day work and internet browsing so - get it in your RSS channels.

My interests and thoughts (such as life style, hobbies, fashion, music) will be shared in “Personal” section. I can’t promise everything in category will in English - hope you guys don’t get angry..smile

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Jun 12 2010

Congratulations !

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name: Severina
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Jun 12 2010

Hey Vlad,

Well done!
Looks good!
Looking forward to new posts!

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Jun 12 2010


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Jun 14 2010

Hi Vlado

Cracking site mate, well done.  If anyone else is reading this, as someone who has used Vlado’s services form many years I can highly recommend him.  Send over your copy mate and I will make sure it reads correctly in English.

Si smile

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Nov 24 2011

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